Friday, July 17, 2009

Start Spreading the News...New York New York!

Good Morning Family and Friends from The Big Apple!!! We arrived here safely last night around 10pm. We had an AMAZING time in Providence, RI yesterday...wait, was that yesterday? Wow. This trip keeps you so off balance that I'm not sure what today is, where we were yesterday, let alone what time it is! LOL! The Providence day proved to be nothing short of amazing as God blessed us with awesome people to work with and fall in love with. A quick shout out to Joe, Kari, Mike, Chrisitne, Mary, and Roderick!

As I write this entry, the team is sitting out front of our HOTEL! Yes, I said hotel! We had the grand luxury of sleeping in a BED last night for the first time in a week! I can not tell you how thankful we all should be for the little things that we take for granted, like our beds! The team (okay, the 'team' for the moment is Van and Joy and the teens...everyone else is here inside the lobby waiting for me to type this entry, haha!) is waiting for me to finish this blog so we can catch the SUBWAY to our work project.

I think you can tell by my typing, that I am a little more 'awake' than in other posts this week...Haha! It's amazing what a REAL shower and bed will do for you! The team, everyone, is doing so good! The teens and chaperones have ROCKED this week! I can not tell you how proud I am. They represent Texas, The Colony (etc...), the church, the Light, their famiies, themselves, and most of all Jesus SO WELL! The Light has shined very brightly all week...and now, New York City!!! Watch out New York...The Light is in Town!

The picture below is from two days ago in Montreal at the Welcome Hall Food Bank, eh?! I love and miss you all!



  1. Wow! Seven states & 2 countries in 6 days! It was so great to get a call last night. We could definitely tell from the excitement & wonder in Amanda's voice that God's love has shown through each & everyone of you this week! We are so proud of you & can't wait to see ya'all tomorrow!
    Love to all!
    Cheri & Gary Bancroft

  2. Wonderful job TEAM!! We are grateful (and so very proud!) to each and every one of you for representing us so well! Thanks Sherman & chaperones for taking such great care of our kids this week and making this not only a memory they will never forget, but for changing their lives forever! Matt's calls home have been the highlight of the Skinner household evenings! We put him on speaker phone so Glenn, Memaw and I can all hear him together! Love it! Enjoy New York! I've never been there, but it is definitely a city that is on my 'bucket list'!