Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Final Post...WOOHOO!!!

Ok, so, an amazing thing happened in my world just now...our plane has wireless internet!!! I am typing this to you from 34,000 feet!!! Today has been fast and furious. We did a bunch in Manhattan this morning. It's been a great morning. I'll tell you more later.

So, I will this my final post, but will include some shoutouts from some of the kids, with more to come during our stopover at the Atlanta airport and on the next plane.. I love you all so much!

Road Trip 2009 has been a life changer for me and I thank you all for your prayers and good luck toward us as we served this week. I love you all and I can't wait to see you all!! :) -Brittney

This trip has been a blessing to go on. i cant wait to share the experiences with all of you. i miss you all and i cant wait to see you. -Julie

Yo, what is up my family and friends!? Well, I know that I can' wait to get home and tell you all about the awesome things that I experienced over the course of the trip, both ones of comedy and spirit, and boy are they in great supply. I love you all! -Matt Skinner

Ello everyone! We are on our way back from New York City and can't wait to get home. -Derrick

ALLO! On our way home after a nerve-wracking day in Chinatown. C ya at 10!

hello this was an awesome trip this is the best thing that happend to me this year.....wahoo
matt bateman
My first experience in NY was amazing wish we had more time to experience it all but cant wait to get home and see all you ppl i love -trista

Hey from New York everyone! This year was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment on Road Trip. Thanks you for all of the prayers! - Jenny

Hey everyone This years road trip had alot of firsts and love although we had a little drama. I was a little disapointed that we didnt get to sing on devo night but we did our devo in a different way and it still had alot of goods about it. Yea my own bed tonight! -Keaton

Hey!!! This has been an amazing Road Trip this year. I have met people and seen things that I will never forget. I wish more poeple would experience of Road Trip. It is a unbelievable feeling. I love you all -Devyn Monnig

Sherman said that this was to be everyones' shout out chance before the end of Road Trip 09'. I give my small space to my dad and brother. You two were what kept me going. And I love you two more than you could ever imagine. I'll see you in a week out in east Texas. My home.

-Hannah Michie-

Wow... this has been a crazy, hard, terrifying, incredible week. I have grown more than I thought I could... I have gotten closer to a lot of people and I'm soo excited about the next year in the youth group. Part of me wants to stay on but I still can't wait to be home and to see all of the church. I love y'all!!!


Road Trip came and gone pretty much. That really is super crazy to me. It was the most amazing trip ever and it really changed me. To explain the impact this trip was is really impossible, but i do know that i really did miss everyone. I wanna shout out to my parents though. Mommy and Daddy I'm really sorry for how i used to be, but this trip has had me grow up once again and i honestly changing into the person I'm suppose to be. I have my mind set on making the best out of my senior year by keeping my heart and mind strictly on school and church. This road trip team are coming back changed people and we will love to be there for everyone who needs it. God Bless this group! I love you all my church family!


Hey everyone! Road Trip this year has been amazing and I have lots of pictures and stories to share. I am proud to say that I am a part of the Light because I saw how many lives were changed and are in fact still being influenced. I have met many good and wonderful people on this trip and God has really shown me how much good there is all over, we just have to look for it. Not only is there good, but that good comes from a genuine passion to serve and make a positive influence regardless of what beliefs or denominations each of us hold. In many ways this group-including myself-has learned to look past differences to search for the reasons so many different people come together from different cultures to improve upon the lives and surroundings of others all over the world. God has spoken to me greatly on this trip, and in one word He has told me everything I needed: Do.

David A.

Road Trip '09 is going to be over soon. This is pretty sad, right? Well, I made a lot of good memories, a lot of deeper relationships and worked my freaking butt off! Oh well. I want to say hey to Mom and Dad and, oh yeah, I hope you enjoyed Happy Potter, Sebas. :P

>>Emily A. C:

Hey all the COLONITES
i happen to be in the atlanta airport so.....
IM IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Road trip was amazing and we all had a really asmazing time.
tell you more later!


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  1. Sure have missed you all. Looking forward to hearing the stories. Love you all, especially that Snoopy girl. MB & SB