Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Tuesday, .and it's 72 Degrees!

I LOVE the Northeast! Portland is gorgeous! The kids are about to call in a bit. Probably early this evening. The picture below is of the group on the beach at Old Orchard Beach. It was AWESOME....and freezing! The water in the Atlantic in the Northeast is about 52 degrees right now, but our teens were 'committed' to enjoying their 27 minutes at the beach completely! It was so much fun.

I love you all, and I hope to be giving you an update late tonight, although it may be difficult the way the schedule looks. I love you all, and watch your emails and the blogs for more update!


  1. Okay, now I'm REALLY jealous! It's 105 here & it's beyond miserable. I sure hope you bring some cooler weather back with ya! Stay well & know that we are all praying for you.
    Love to all.
    P.S. We sure miss your sweet smile, Amanda!

  2. Oh where, oh where have the Road Trippers gone? Oh where, oh where can they be? :)

  3. WOW! everything you guys are doing sound amazing and i'm so hoping i'll be able to go next year. I love everyone there and i'll be praying for you! <3 :)

  4. Totally cool!! And I'm not talking about the temperature! Matt got to walk in the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston last week and this week he is in the Atlanic ocean in Portland! You all look great and I bet that was great fun!