Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Longest Last Day!

So, it's 6:30 am and I'm sitting in the breakfast area at our hotel before the 'storm' comes down the stairs for breakfast. The Road Trip Team isn't due down until 7am. Little do these small handful of hotel guests eating breakfast know what's about to hit! LOL!

Well, today is the last day of Road Trip. I am so pleased with the trip! Thanks and praise goes to God for this trip and all it's success and safety. We are going to hit New York City this morning and early afternoon as hard as we can. I promise, when you get your kids tonight, they will be exhausted, as will be all the chaperons! We've been exhausted for days now!

PLEASE pass it around to the WHOLE church that The Light Road Trip Team will be returning to Dallas tonight at 10:09 pm. We arrive on Airtran Flight #106 at DFW airport at 10:09 pm. It has become a VERY cool tradition that Church Family at Christ Community Church turns out in mass to welcome the team home. People have made signs in the's a GREAT FEELING for the entire team to walk through that door to the baggage area to see OUR church waiting for us. PLEASE be there...even if you don't have any blood relatives on Road have Spiritual Family. This team is YOUR TEAM! After checking the website, it shows that flight #106 will be arriving at gate E17 and baggage pick up is at E16. But please check their website this evening for the latest info on the flight.

Success. That's all I can say that this trip has been. God has shined very brightly through this team all week. Lives have been changed, both on the team and more importantly in those we served. Worked was done, lives were changed...and God smiled.

Please be there tonight. It will mean the world to the teens, and chaperons. And don't miss tomorrow. It will be an amazing morning. The recap of Road Trip will be given and testimonies will be given. This is something that the WHOLE CHURCH FAMILY needs to see and hear. I love you all so much, and I can not wait to see you tomorrow!

The picture below is of the group in Providence, after working with the West Broadway Neighborhood Association. It is an amazing work they are doing! Hear all about it tomorrow!


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