Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, today has been one of the longest days in Road Trip history...so far. We woke this morning in BEAUTIFUL Portland, Maine and worked all day with the Portland Habitat for Humanity. We worked alongside two other groups, one from Long Island, and the other from...I can't remember! My mind is toast right now! Haha.

We as a church should be very proud of our youth group, The Light. They are shining so bright, and serving so powerfully, and it is truly amazing and humbling watching the Holy Spirit work through them. I truly have been amazed all week long, but today, they rocked!

We then got back onto our bus and rode 7 hours north to Montreal, Canada! I can't wait to share this trip with you in person! Sharing it on here will not give it justice. Be in church Sunday morning for the full report.

My goodness, it just dawned on me. I have my youth and chaperons in Canada!!! God bless you and I love you all so much!



  1. when i look at this picture the first thing i noticed was a red shirt with what looks to be pait on it. When i looked closer i noticed it was Heather...I wasn't intentionally looking for her but she would be the only one to get pain all over the front of her shirt and stick out like a sore thumb(:

  2. Good Morning Road Trippers. God says that he will make a way when it seems that there is no way. Well He has ya'll way up in Cananda, so get ready for, well God knows what he is doing. We miss not being there with you, but this is your time. Jenny, We love you
    Greg & Debbie

  3. I love what you are doing!! I've always wanted to participate in a HABITAT FOR HUMANITY project and am so happy that you guys (and gals) are helping to house someone in need!! Truly a blessing for both you and that family! Love love love the pictures! I can't wait to see more! (Matt... thx for taking your hat off for the grp pics! I can see your smiling face now! lol)