Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Quick Post From Beantown!

So today has been an awesome day. WE'RE IN BOSTON!!! We woke up at 6:30 this morning and caught a morning flight out of Austin to Boston (point A to point B as Karen says it). It has been a day that has been filled with adventure and service. The teens in talking to their parents this evening on the phone during their 10 minute phone call home were telling their parents that they didn't do a service project today. They felt like they hadn't until we had our day's end meeting. I told them that their service project for today was taking a walking tour down the Freedom Trail through downtown Boston. What they saw just about stopped them in their steps. They saw in many ways, the birthplaces of our freedom, from the Boston Massacre to the graves of American heroes. The pages out of their history books became reality. The team's love and appreciation for their country grew deeper today. THAT was their service project for the day. I love you all. God bless America!



  1. What a great service project! Just wondering, though, is Gabe having withdrawals from not being able to play Bejeweled?!

  2. The kids sounded so excited when we talked to them tonight. We continue to pray that you all are safe, and we will be praying today that all goes well on the service project Monday. Can't wait to see where you all go next! We love you all!!!

  3. So jealous! I hear Boston is great. Sounds like you all are having a fabulous time! Miss you all! Love you guys.

    Pam, Cheyenne and Dakota!

  4. Wow! Austin to Boston... sounds like the title to a great song! LOL! Neither Glenn nor I have ever been to Boston before... so jealous! The excitement in Matt's voice when he called home was a service project all on its own! We put him on speakerphone and listened to him recant his every step that day! It lifted our spirits and made us feel like we were there!

    Still praying for safe travels for you all and can't wait to see what you are doing next!

    Luv, Tammy

  5. Hope all stay healthy after the cold damp Boston air! The history buffs in the group are flying on cloud nine! Keaton and Colby were both excited when they called, even though Colby is not feeling well and he is in "enemy territory" for a Yankees fan! Praying for spiritual uplifting for all involved.

  6. Dang... i cant wait till i can go on road trip. I miss yall so much! i am going to be sooo happy to to see yalls faces on saturday. wish i could be there, or wish yall were here... whatever :$ Luv yall!!!!
    -samantha michaels ♥

  7. the comment above isnt really anonymous. tehehe :P and neither is this one
    -samantha michaels

  8. AHHHHHHHHH! Man i wish i could see y'alls faces! can't wait to see you when you get back... i absolutely love you all and am SUPER DUPER jealous that i can't join you.... see y'all when you get back
    Love Forever

  9. Gary & I want to know where to sign up as chaperones for next year. He's already asking for the time off! LOL!
    Glad the team is getting the trip of a life-time & serving God & mankind at the same time. We will continue to pray for everyone's safety & Godspeed to one & all.
    All Our Love,
    The Bancrofts