Thursday, July 9, 2009

Road Trip '09 Opening

It's Thursday evening, July 9, 2009...a day and a half before Road Trip '09. This is the first blog entry just to get this thing up and going. Check back here everyday, especially in the evenings to see the location and status of the Road Trip '09 Team. God has blessed and launched this trip long before we ever started our own preparations. It will be a GREAT trip. Follow us, and PLEASE COMMENT as we go, I will read your comments to the team. God bless you all!


  1. YEAHHHHH I can't wait!
    I'm super excited :)

  2. I am sooooo excited to finally go meet the people I've been talking to! - Karen

  3. God always blesses these kids. May this trip change every life it touches.

  4. Karen, "WOOOT"? Is that something folks from OU say? (figures....)

    Well I know there is a couple of Aggies in the group, so....


    John T.

  5. ROAD TRIPPERS...KNOW THAT WE ALL will be praying for the Mission trip, the Youth, & the Chaperones this week. May God bless & keep you, may He work wonders & great deeds thru you, & may He throw you off balance, just enough, that your lives change dramatically in ways you could never imagine...and would never want to lose!! We love you all, and will miss you dearly. Come home soon -- safe and spiritually sound.

  6. We will be praying for this trip. It is truly a life changing experience. We hope that everyone walks away from this experience closer to God and each other. Just remember that God comes first and to put everything else aside because it does not matter (trust me I know from experience). We look forward to hearing everything about the trip! Good luck and have fun!

    Chance and Hailey

  7. Twas the night before Road Trip and all through the house, not a Road Tripper was stirring ( except those who broke curfew)
    May God multiply your sleep, keep you safe and do wonderous things through you and in you.
    Have Fun from your Fun And Game Department

  8. May all of you trully be blessed this week by the work of GOD. I cant wait to hear all about it next week. I love you all and wish you all the best of luck. (Especially the chaperones) Have a blast and take lots of pictures.

    Pam, Cheyenne and Dakota!!!

  9. Hey guys
    Just wanted to say a couple things. Just basically have a fun and safe trip. I'll be praying for guys through out the week. I really wish i could be going with you guys this year but you know what I'm happy that all my closest friends are going to try to make a difference. May God show you the way. I love you all and I'm glad to call you my second family. Come home safely.

  10. Good Morning from Heather's granny, Shubie... hope this is a wonderful trip and experience for all of you... I'll be looking for updates every day and praying for you all to have a safe and successful journey.... Love you Heather!

  11. Seeing you all off this morning was so wonderful. We hope you all have a fabulous week!!! Love you all!!!

    ~ Mike, Lisa and Grayson

  12. Hello '09 Road Trip Team,
    What a fun way to start off a Saturday morning !! We can't wait for the update this evening to see how you spent your first day and of course to receive the all important phone call. God calls some of us to the mission field and some of us he calls to stay home and pray. We will keep each of you covered in prayer until your safe return home.
    Hugs and Moore Hugs
    P.S. Jenny are you back yet??? haha
    Love ya, Dad and Mom

  13. Hey Road Trippers! I'm definitely excited - if not a little envious - for the crazy adventure God has in store for you all! Enjoy the trip for what it is and don't let the outside stuff get in the way!

    To the graduating seniors: this Road Trip will probably be a little bittersweet since it will be your last one for a while, so cherish the memories you're about to make - they'll still stick with you years later, trust me. :) I'm speaking for the Genesis group when I say that we're also REALLY excited for you graduating seniors to come in! Hope you liked our going-away present. ;)

    Be safe and have fun!


  14. i am SOOOOO jealous. you tell everyone that i love them and dont take it for granted! i cant wait to hear all the stories when yall get home. have fun for me!!! God bless!
    Jordan Hurley

  15. oh yeah and i forgot...
    NO DRAMA!!!!!!!
    =) love you guys
    *jordan h*